Our Mission :

Ensure our existing provision for food, clothing and body lotion (important for the health of African skin) as well as our information sessions can continue uninterrupted.
Build a floor and a toilet at the school building so people have a higher standard of hygiene at the centre. Further improvements to the building structure would include extra classrooms, more desks, glass windows and weatherproofing.
Obtain the financial means to provide our students with extra food at the school such as porridge to ensure they have a higher standard of nutrition. For many children this is incredibly important as families live “hand to mouth”.
Secure an office with electricity and purchase a computer for administration and secretarial requirements. This allows greater efficiency for our organisational needs and political activities.
Obtain the financial means to employ more teachers, allowing the children to be educated appropriate to their level of understanding. This ensures they get the most from the school experience and learn more effectively. If we can raise enough money to provide teachers salaries, we can reduce the contribution necessary from the families who use the facilities and reach more children.
Purchase sports equipment for the school.
In future we would like to accept international volunteers directly and accommodate them at our Project Coordinator’s personal home. This would require outlay in the form of bunk beds, insurance and administration costs. The centre would benefit greatly from this, ensuring both the organization and the volunteers get the most value from their efforts without a “middleman”.
ALL help allows us to continue our work with the local community, and will help us meet our goals to provide more and better services. Equipment can also be donated directly.